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Inside the Apples' house, Apple Bloom enthusiastically exclaims to Granny Smith that she's ready to make zap apple jam.

Granny Smith starts by giving Apple Bloom a stick with some twigs tied to its end, prompting Apple Bloom to inquire if it is some special herbal ingredient she uses, but Granny Smith replies that it's a broom and that she should start sweeping.

The site is only in English, so it won’t be problem for you to understand how to use the site. If you want to register to site, you can also do it.

Family Appreciation Day is the twelfth episode of the second season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the thirty-eighth episode overall.

If you don’t want a dating and if you want to spend some funny or nice time on the site you can always select Small Talk feature of the site.

number of girl members is almost equal with number of guy members of the site. This button will help you to change your partners and you will skip your current partner on the site.

In the episode, Apple Bloom tries to prevent Granny Smith from speaking at her school for Family Appreciation Day.

This is the first episode where only one of the main characters appears, namely Applejack.

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