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Chatter sex

That is why these relationships constitute sexual harassment.The consent of a student to a sexual or romantic relationship with a faculty member is not sufficient to make this relationship legitimate, since the element of authority—the power differential between a student and a professor—is still present and cannot be eliminated.In determining whether behavior is to be considered sexual harassment, the courts generally use the “reasonable person” standard.Using this standard, the court asks whether a reasonable victim of the same sex as the plaintiff would consider the comments or actions sufficiently severe or pervasive enough to create an abusive working environment.For this reason, Calvin College prohibits romantic relationships between faculty members and students, between students and staff members in mentoring positions, and between employees when a supervisory relationship is involved.If you have experienced sexual harassment or abuses of power at Calvin, or suspect that someone you know might be involved in a situation of harassment or abuse, call the I Will Report It designated message line at 616-526-IWRI (616-526-4974).The line is available for students, faculty, and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

This degradation of persons and of the learning environment constitutes discrimination and is actionable under Title IX.

Another way to look at the issue — and your own behavior — is to ask whether you would want your spouse/partner, child or parent to be subjected to the same type of behavior.

Federal law recognizes two types of Sexual Harassment: Remember: Any romantic or sexual relationships between people in positions of power or authority over others constitute an abuse of power and are, by definition, abusive.

For this reason, romantic or sexual relationships between Calvin College faculty and students are never acceptable.

Calvin College will not tolerate sexual harassment or abuse of any kind.

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Likewise, some individuals may perceive leering or ogling as sexual harassment, while others may perceive the same behavior as looking or staring and may attribute no meaning to it.

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