Dating a computer geek

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Dating a computer geek

They Are Fun If a geek seems obsessed with Spider-Man then this suggests something childish.

Like a child they are still more interested in the possibilities of fantasy rather than the restrictions of reality.

Fantasy then is more interesting than reality, as is speculation, and that’s what allows them to dream up the next big thing – a genius is a geek whose introverted fantasies spill out and transform reality.

This also means that geeks have a stereotypical ‘look’ which tends to involve being slim and wiry – a result of spending more time at the computer and less on the pitch, and of being unkempt with wild hair and stubble in the case of the men.

Meanwhile many of the ‘jocks’ you remember from school who spent their time playing sports and dating rather than studying will find themselves working pubs or shops as a result.

In other words they peaked at high school and stagnated from there onwards.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every conversation is going to be a lesson in physiques, but it does mean that you will be able to have discussions about the universe and life that go deep into the night and probably come away with a new perspective and fresh ideas.

Many of us spent our time trying to avoid being seen to associate with geeks, and put even more energy into making sure that we were never given the unfortunate title ourselves.In fact as we mature and get older, we start to realize that the geeks in many cases were ahead of the rest of us and the ones who were really onto something.As we get older the group of kids at school who were once ‘cool’ become a lot less attractive, and the ‘geeks’ suddenly start to seem like a more tantalizing proposition for dating.Another aspect that many of us consider ‘geeky’ is an interest in fantasy and speculation – and geeks are known for being fans of Star Wars, comics and computer games as a result.Both of these things are symptoms of geeks being rather turned inwards – they are so interested in what’s going on in their heads that they often forget, or pay little attention to the outside world.

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Of course this look is just a stereotype, and there are plenty of ‘closet geeks’ who are secretly very geeky but do a better job of portraying an image of ‘normality’.