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Dating beswick china

His sons John and Gilbert along with John's son, John Ewart all played a part in the factories tremendous success. with John Ewart Beswick as Managing Director and Gibert Beswick his Sales Director introducing new pieces to the range.Initially producing tableware and ornaments and after the 1914-1918 war they started to branch out producing more fancy wares for the home and abroad. The 1930s ( Art Deco) period the factory became noted for it's animal modelling in producing the finest of animal figures, notably well known racehorses and champion dogs.In 1948 the company began producing characters from the Beatrix Potter story books.It was John Beswick who first received the rights to reproduce the characters and 1997 marked the 50th year that Beswick and Royal Doulton had been producing Beatrix Potter figures.Likewise, if it is a Disney character, the piece can be no older than 1952. One way to distinguish one piece from another is to look at the colour.Before the prohibition of lead-based paints in the 1980s, the colours were darker.Because certain collections were introduced in specific years, there is a somewhat reliable timeline to refer to.

Seek out like-minded individuals by visiting message boards and collector websites, if all else fails.There are numerous websites that contain information, and message boards discussing everything from dating and appraisal to the buying and selling of Beswick figurines.There is a good chance that the half you know plus the half they know could equal the whole story.Please send me all your potters marks and info to my queries email address [email protected] were I will sort through them and post them here on my blog.This is going to take the best part of a year to complete without anyone's help:( So please bear with me.

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