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The strip was executed in fairy-tale illustration style, with a conscious display of colouristic effects. At first set in a horse-racing milieu, it soon became a general interest comic.

During the years 1907–20 most of the major categories of American comics were established, including the first aviation, ethnic character, and career girl strips.

Truly satirical forms of exaggeration and of social content returned to the strip with Al Capp’s comic book.This took many forms: domestic and detective drama, science and space fiction, and, by 1938, war and superhero strips.The earliest adventure strip was Harold Foster broke completely with the prevailing caricatural style, adopted cinematic techniques, and sought picturesque, documentary realism.Feiffer created scenes in the manner of absurdist or “noir” drama; indeed, a play based on his strip was mounted in 1961..The latter strip was sponsored in 1896 by the publisher Alfred Harmsworth and was originally intended for the newly literate and semiliterate masses, but it developed into children’s fare.

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Arguably the most successful and most translated gag strip ever, “Peanuts” entered American folklore and was heavily commercialized.

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