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Racism in the dating game

Her answer to the latter (Ohio) often surprises people far too often.

While, in the future, I may direct those who tell me ‘I’m just not into Asian girls’ towards this documentary, I may well just stick with my current response: ‘Well I’m just not into racists – so this has worked out perfectly’.In spite of that, the study suggested, people's choices at the altar followed straightforward lines. This was no lightweight affair, social historian Emma Dabiri joining forces with social scientist Dr Keon West to try out a variety of tests on a panel of 10 singletons and compare them with a new, extensive survey of 5,000.Men married women of the same ethnic make-up as their mothers, women married men in the ethnic image of their fathers. They homed in very swiftly on the ways in which modern partner-hunting was actually limiting people's choices and corralling them into strict, ethnic boxes.If NADIYA'S BRITISH FOOD ADVENTURE (BBC2) was a dish, it might be a poached egg on toast, quick and light but demonstrating skill.The former Bake Off champ makes the transition to telly chef and presenter well, glancing up from sizzling pans to show off a memorable turn of phrase. "Fried garlic and shouting."Later on, straddling a sit-on cart used to pick asparagus on an Oxfordshire farm, she said it reminded her of childbirth.

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In comparison, 46.4 per cent of black people, 56.1 per cent of south Asian people, 69.1 per cent of…

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