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Serena and dan dating

From the sea of available data and consultation with building experts, I deduced this chart provides a fair reflection of maintenance and replacement over time, applicable to an average high-rise condo building.The first major component that will need maintenance and replacement is the roof of the complex.In short, what seems very attractive and appealing to condo buyers today may come to haunt them in the not-so-distant future, by way of prohibitive maintenance and replacement costs.Need for cyclical repairs and replacements For the condo building to remain functional, it requires cyclical maintenance and replacement of its major components over time.

Complexes built of all glass windows need to be addressed in more detail.His paper, , warns of the potential liabilities of glass towers.These experts suggest that the maintenance costs of glass skinned towers will skyrocket in 25 years time as the buildings age.Indeed, as energy costs climb, glass towers may become the "pariah" buildings of the future.University of Waterloo Professor John Straub (who wrote a noteworthy paper called: as saying that "With these buildings -- both skin and the mechanical systems are going to have to be redone in a 25-year time frame.

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Such condos will be reduced to rental inventory as buying into heavy maintenance units would make no sense.