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Posted by / 10-Dec-2017 16:35

It can take a lifetime of analysis to get even a glimpse of understanding.For this reason, cultures all around the world have treated emotional touching as something apart.If you can’t articulate a specific alternate system that you’re for, then with all due respect, you need to fuck off.

Instead, here is my detailed, step-by-step solution that is less bad.” That’s the problem with people who have this view that sex is spiritual or emotional or whatever.

It always, and I mean always, goes something like this: Do you want to go back to the right-wing Christian 1950’s and before then?

Where sex was treated as an essentially religious act, and you weren’t allowed to have any sex, with anyone, at any time, except with the person you legally married?

But there is something unique about positive or negative touch.

Emotional touch alters the heart and soul in ways that are mostly unconscious.

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