Stop playing dating games

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Stop playing dating games

Saori that's okay probably marches back to the table tray in hand okay are you ready God ah whoa, now take your lips the foil off the trader field doesn't white fluffy cupcakes too great to look like little cats the whiskers are drawn with icing and little pieces of chocolate we, used to make ears Hawaii I had no idea are so good at baking Natsuki, well you know just hurry take one say or he grabs one first then Monica I.Follow it's delicious Oh is she dis so I only talks with her mouth full and was already about to get a little icing on her face I turned the.Here seriously he brought a boy way to kill the atmosphere ah manly one nice surprise welcome to the, club all words exclaiming the situation the cool one nice one on the far left and a knowing one more knowing everyone.But in a different way this club it's full of incredibly cute girls grills what are you looking at you want to, see something say it okay sorry don't do that manly Natsuki Jiminy Cricket she's already blushing out there saying mean things the girl, the sour attitude whose name is a perfect NAT Sookie is when I don't recognize a small figure makes me think she's probably a first year this could.Was probably most popular girl in class smart beautiful athletic basically completing out my league so having her.Smell me so genuinely feels a little you you two bags cups it down manly I, mean route through the tables so you can sit next to me or Monica I'll get the cupcakes hey I'll get them sorry.Between your eyes behind fine but you did wait for me after all that cuz you don't have it in you to.Be meaning if you want to know skip me Gilbert I'm we're goin bully route whatever you say say Orry hey we cross the street.

Of you that's right it's good to see you again manly mónica smell, sweetly so skirt magically flips up somewhat but not enough we do know each other well we really talks we were in the same class last year Monica.Sweet and full of flavor I wonder if she meet him himself this is really good Thank You Natsuki hahahaha but while you're thinking pick me it's not like I, got I heard this somewhere before made them for.You or anything to get the grin on my face yeah I thought you technically.Have come to the classroom Allah spacing elves I look around and realize that I'm the only one left in the classroom good I thought I'd catch you coming out of, the classroom but I saw you just seeing that here and spacing out so I came in honestly you're even worse, than me sometimes I'm impressed you don't need to wake up for me if, it's gonna make you late here on Club well I thought you might need some encouragement so I thought you know doki-doki know what your face is turning, red to get a cold well that you could come to my club say Yuri yeah there's no.Way I'm going to go to your club Mimi say Ori is a vice president of a literature Club you know the title, drop not that was ever where the chanting interest in literature if.

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Did Saori said well maybe not for you you'd be alright alright I give up not skis weird logic this miss conversation URI returns to the.

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