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2nd pogrom: In February 1919 it was organised by the troops of Simon Petlura, fighting for Ukrainian independence (15 victims).3d pogrom: Organised by the Red Army and casualty-free but many Jews left destitute 4th pogrom: Organised by the Ukrainian People’s Army troops, led by Yu. 56 Jews were murdered, among them the members of self-defence unit.The population is chiefly engaged in small trade and small industry, yet the greater part of the artisans are unemployed and have to earn their scanty living in small trade. The public school apartments are also very much in need of repairs. The needy population is, therefore, deprived of any medical assistance. distributed to the neediest of the population in Skvira out of its own fund: 55 food remittance packages and 660 pieces of underwear.Owing to the removal of the Uyesd from Skvira, the number of unemployed, intellectual workers has increased considerably. Skvira has two Orphan’s Homes for 72 children (59 full orphans and 13 half orphans) 2. The course of studies in the school are frequently being interrupted through lack of school appliances. The commodities supplied by the “Sobez” (Commissariat for Social Relief) is very insufficient. In 1921 an agricultural cooperation has been organized in Skvira consisting of 17 refugee families from the neighboring pogormized places. Under the Soviet Union the religious and communal life of the Jews of Skvyra was dissolved.Its Jewish population was 2,184 in 1847 and grew to 8,910 in 1897 — 49.5% of the general population.At the end of the 19th century Skvyra had seven synagogues, a parochial school, a hospital, a pharmacist and a district doctor. In the end of 19 century there were 7 Jewish prayer houses. An-skiy visited Skvyra during his ethnographic expedition.5th and 6th pogroms: In September 1919 organised by the Petlura troops, 55 Jews murdered.7th pogrom: Went on during October and November 1919, organised by local thugs, killing 5 Jews.

Skvyra businessmen in 1913: There were two pogroms in the town in 1917 and a wave of six pogroms in 1919, some of which lasted for several weeks.

After the death of Rabbi Yitzhak his court was headed by his son Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel of Skvyra (1826-1886), then Abraham’s sun – Rabbi Moshe Dan of Skvyra (? The next Skvir Rabbi became his son Rabbi Yitzchak of Skvira (Skvira, 1886 – Tel Aviv, 1986).

Other sons of Abraham Joshua Heschel held the Skvirskaja Hasidic courts in Ilintsy and Mahnovka.

The entire population was robbed, pillaged and economically ruined. The Children Homes are supported by the Narobraz (Commissariat for Education) and subsidized, through the Evobkom, by the J. The house where children home is located needs only small repairs. In order to enable the needy Jews of the town to use it free of charge, a subsidy must be given to the Municipality.

AT PRESENT THERE ARE: Jewish Widows 250 Orphans 256 Half-Orphans 350 Individuals who lost their working ability 130 Among the population there are also 80 refugee families from the following neighboring towns: Borchagovka (10 families), Kornin (5 families), Tetiev (10 families), Volodarka (10 families), Novo-Fastov and other places (45 families). The Children Homes are poorly supplied with household inventory, underwear, clothing and shoes. The Hospital and Dispensary are supplied with very little means and medicine and do not issue any medicines free of charge.

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List of beneficiaries and signatures of recipients for flour distributed are attached hereto.

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